Why issuing an ultimatum to your kids is never a good idea....

I have found it incredibly frustrating lately that I can not get my children to both smile at the same time while looking in the same direction AND not making any goofy faces or bunny ears for a picture. 

Really I don't think I am asking for too much!!! 

So, today, after a serious of pictures that had

one not smiling - Ariel, one not looking - Carter
and one making "gangsta" signs - Carter, again!

 one with his mouth open - Pierce; and again the "gangsta" signs....
 and yet another not looking (and with a cheesy smile) - Ariel and yes "Gangsta Carter" again
and one final not looking - MOM MOM!!!!

I issued the final ultimatum.............

"We are not taking any more trips to Disney World until you can look at the camera, smile, and keep your hands down at your sides within 15 seconds of being asked!!!"

Guess what???

Yup....they quickly figured out how to do it!  Now they want to know when we are going to Disney!!!!

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