Tasty Treat Thursday - Smurfberry Muffins

So, yes, when I get an idea in my head I sometimes tend to go overboard with it.....Road Trip Tuesday has led me to think of themes for all days of the week.  My reason for this is two-fold....one I love a reason to have fun and I am a stickler for anything that keeps me on track with planning fun things to do.  If I blink, this summer will pass before my eyes so I need something to focused on accomplishing all of the things I want to do.  That is how Road Trip Tuesday has led us to today....Tasty Treat Thursday!

It is so fun to watch things I loved when I was younger make a resurgence and see my kids fall in love with them too.  I have seen this happen with The Chipmunks and now its happening with The Smurfs.  There is a new movie starring these blue cuties -- The Smurfs in 3D will come to theaters in July and Ariel and Carter (and me, too) can not wait to see it. 

A trip to the library a few days ago resulted in Carter getting out a book on Smurfs. 
In the book was a recipe for "Smurfberry Muffins".  Carter asked if we could make these and the idea for Tasty Treat Thursday was born. 
 Carter sporting his new haircut -- I love being able to see his eyes again

 Tasting the batter -- no double dipping

 adding "smurfberries"
 And while the muffins are baking we watched, what else but...The Smurfs

It really was a smurf-tastic day!

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  1. Can u share the recipe? My son misplaced our book. Please send to pyttumigarl@hotmail.com



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