About Me

Just another day in paradise!
Thirteen years ago I married my "McDreamy". He is my "rescuer-guy"; my "makes me laugh when I feel like crying guy"; my "doughnuts and kisses" after night-work guy; my partner in crime and my wing-man on this crazy journey through life....I couldn't fly without him! And I am a sucker for that uniform!!!!

Together we have somehow managed to let loose on this world two amazing, witty (in the way only 9 and 11 year olds can be!), at times patience-testing; always loveable children. Seeing yourself in your kids can be both a wonderful blessing and a dreadful curse at the same time!

We live a zoo! Well, not actually a zoo but furry creatures do abound -- 2 dogs (even though at 121 pounds he outweighs most others), 2 cats, and a pond full of frogs and fish!! Every day is an adventure!

I became an Aunt for the first time in April 2007 and then again in December 2010.  I hope both boys know how much Aunt LaLa loves them!

And, get this..........I am member of this crazy thing called a family that gets along with each other! How rare is that? We actually seek out each other's company on a regular basis and choose to vacation with each other every year.

My sister is my best friend and the person with whom I share my childhood memories and my future dreams.

My brother is Mike Tice. No need to say anthing else!

I love my parents and have not been emotionally scarred by them during my childhood. At least that is what I have learned after 15 years of therapy -- just kidding! They are my rock and I couldn't do it without them!

I think I have done okay in the "wicked step-mother" department, as well! At least, they have never tried to murder me in my sleep or if they did, at least they didn't succeed!

As if all of that is not enough, I was incredibly blessed to have found the type of friendship that I truly believe only happens once in a lifetime! She knows who she is...and that I couldn't make it thru a day without her support and humorous insight. She is my marital counselor, my stand-up comedian, my secret-keeper, and my conspirator in life. She is my person!

I have visited some incredible places and am planning to see more of this world we live in!

 What can I say....I am a HAPPY Girl!
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