It's "Virtual" Road Trip Tuesday

I decided to stick closer to home this Tuesday and the day started off a little overcast so we went on a "virtual" road trip with some old friends -- Lightin' McQueen and 'Mater! 

I love going to the movies and for years the kids have been apprehensive to say the least about going.  They just did not like to go at all and anytime Doug or I would suggest going to see a movie we always heard, "Let's wait for it come out on DVD"!  But within the last year they have started to ask to go and I love it when I can oblige them. 

Thanks to a great deal I purchased a few weeks ago with Living Social we were able to go see Cars2 in 3D for a truly great price!  As much as I love the movies the one thing I do hate is how much it costs. 

The movie was very cute but I do admit I liked the first one better.  However, a few days later we are still reciting some of the memorable lines and laughing about different scenes!

3D Glasses are oh, so fashionable!

"Whatever you do....do NOT eat the pistachio ice cream" -- 
- 'Mater

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