2009 Camping Trips -- A Year In Review (Part 2 of 7) -- Gettysburg, PA

Granite Hill Campground
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
April 25-27, 2009

Our first trip in the new camper. This was the trip to work all the bugs out. Weather was sunny and unseasonably warm for April. Setup seemed to go fine and the kids quickly made friends with a little girl at a neigboring campsite. They were disappointed the roads were not paved so they couldn't ride bikes or scooters easily.

In setting up the canopy we found out that a piece was broken so a trip to Walmart was needed. This whole "taking a trip to Walmart while on vacation" thing is not a foreign concept to us. Most Wagerman Family Vacations involve a trip at somepoint to a Walmart. Also, not surprisingly, I didn't feeling like cooking. Hey, I was about to sleep overnight in something other than my warm waterbed, don't think I was going to go cold turkey and start cooking over a campfire, too! We went to Walmart, dined at Perkins and the kids fell asleep watching High School Musical III on the laptop. Ahh, the perks of camping in the 21st Century!

Funniest part of the day had to be trying to get Riley (our 125 pound furry family member) into the camper for the first time. 
It was mid-night when we said "Come on, Riley, let's go to bed".  He came to the camper but wouldn't walk up  the steps...so I pulled on the leased and coaxed and Doug pushed from behind but he wouldn't budge.  Finally, we had to lift him (remember, 125 pounds) into the camper.  Once inside, he wanted to be with the kids so he hoped in bed next to them and stayed there all night.

Day 2
My Mom and Dad drove up today and we went to Boyd's Bear Country. 
Kids were antsy afterwards and started saying the dreaded "B" word -- Bored!!  We decided to do the drive-thru/audio tour of the Gettysburg battlefields.  Carter was very interested BUT Ariel slept thru day 1 and 2 of the battle :-). 
We watched the sunset over the battlefied and took some gorgeous photographs.  Not wanting to cook tonight either (hey, some things don't change) we opted for McDonald's drive-thru.

All in all, a great first camping trip in the new camper.  Can't wait for our next adventure....

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